Znergy Powered by IKIO

Znergy, Inc. is a publicly traded company which provides energy-efficient LED lighting products, controls, and energy management solutions. Znergy’s LED lighting solutions enable customers to reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs and realize environmental benefits. Znergy’s capabilities include both supplying new LED lighting products or retrofitting and converting existing lighting to LED. The Znergy Board of Directors and management team have over 350-years of combined business experience. Znergy is headquartered in Syracuse Indiana.

Our manufacturer, IKIO for more than 25 years, has helped a wide variety of businesses and industries around the world reduce their energy costs. IKIO began manufacturing LED lights in 2005 as an OEM for internationally renowned brands such as Philips and for their own consumption. IKIO manufactures a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential LED lighting in its world-class ISO 9001 certified facilities. IKIO products come with robust warranties, and with over 1000 projects installed around the world, IKIO is a rising world leader in energy conservation.

Core Competencies

  • Experienced Energy Auditing
  • Superior LED Lighting Products at Exceptional Value
  • Precise Energy Savings Estimates
  • Advanced Utility Rebate Maximization Strategies
  • High Volume Product Shipment and Fulfillment
  • Zero-Cost Shared Savings Programs
  • OEM Solutions

Memberships & Affiliations