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Zero-Down Lighting Upgrades for Your Business

We fund, design, install and manage a complete LED lighting upgrade, which generates utility rebates and savings that we pass onto you. The upgrade is funded out of a portion of the monthly energy savings but you are cash flow positive from month one. And you keep 100% of the maintenance savings. If a new lamp or fixture ever fails, the service call is 100% covered with no out of pocket for the full term of the program.

Znergy’s capabilities include both supplying new LED lighting products or providing a complete turnkey conversion of your business’s existing lighting system to LED. Regardless of whether you choose the Zero-Down program or a straight cash purchase, Znergy provides options to fit your business needs.

How you save with Znergy

  1. 1. Zero-Down @ 2.9% Interest
  2. 2. 50-80% Savings on Utility Bills and Maintenance. Insured Accurate
  3. 3. Turn-key. We Fund, Install and Manage a complete LED Lighting Upgrade
  4. 4. Payment is made out of Monthly Savings. Cash Flow Positive First Month
  5. 5. You Receive 100% of the Utility Rebates
  6. 6. Full Term Onsite Warranty. All Parts and Labor Covered 100%
  7. 7. End of Term Lights Owned 100% Free and Clear. No buyout