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Better Retail Lighting

Better LED Lighting

Attract Shoppers – Increase Sales – Decrease Returns

Lighting is one of the most important details in a retail space and can have a huge impact on the business. Better lighting has been shown to attract customers and drive revenue by boosting sales and reducing costs.

Upgrade Today

Znergy can fund, design, install and manage a complete LED lighting upgrade, which generates savings and utility rebates we pass onto you.
Upgrade Today

Recreational Vehicles

Our factory-direct RV lighting products, solar panels, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, and component products are of the highest quality backed by the best warranty available in the RV market space. Dimmable puck lights and switchable kelvin temperatures are just some of unique features available. New products are regularly introduced along with custom solutions to meet our customer’s specific project requirements.

Retrofit & New Lighting Solutions

Choosing the best lighting, professional installation, service and warranty provide peace of mind. Ask Znergy to perform a lighting audit at no charge.
Retrofit and New Lighting Solutions

Kevin Harrington – Znergy Board of Directors

Video of Kevin discussing Znergy, “Join me at Znergy in making our planet greener while saving your business money every day.”

Zero-Down 2.9% Program

Now every business can afford to upgrade their lighting to LED today! Lean more by watching this short 3.5 minute video.