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Znergy, Inc. (OTC Pink: ZNRG) offers comprehensive lighting solutions for your business. Choosing to use energy efficient lighting schemes can be one of the best financial decisions that your company can make for quick returns on investment. The average payback time varies, but typically is between 12 to 24 months . With Federal Government offering tax rebates up to $1.80 per square foot – and local utilities offering rebates to offset project costs- there has never been a better time to invest in your facilities.

Free Bulb Count & Quote

We know that decisions can be hard. So, we've made it easy by providing free bulb counts and a no-obligation quote to show you just how efficient (and cost-saving) our solutions really are.

Utility Rebates & Federal Incentives

Now is the time to take advantage of HUGE utility rebates as well as federal incentives by offsetting conversion costs. With our high-efficiency lighting solutions, you could see a return on investment within 3-years or less.

Waiting Costs You Money Each Month - 50 - 70% UTILITY BILL SAVINGS

When you have us convert your existing lighting systems to our energy-efficient solution, your total energy costs may be reduced by up to 70% per month.

Retro-Fitted Conversions

Retrofitting saves you money! Znergy provides fluorescent, metal halide and sodium light fixture retrofitting so LED lights can be plugged directly into your company’s existing fixtures. Some older fixtures may need replacing.

Lower Maintenance, Less Changing

By implementing our high-efficiency lighting solutions, you won't need to change your bulbs for another 10-years (or 50,000 hours), factory guaranteed. By using the bulbs up to 8 hours a day, they can last more than 17 years!

Moral Booster for Employees

Optimizing your office and/or work environment is key to employee happiness. Our clients have reported the extra light as a major ``morale booster`` for their employees.

Tax Advantages

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was extended by Congress in late 2015. This policy allows customers to accelerate the depreciation of the LED lighting conversion. Other scenarios exist where tax advantages can be gained, including cost segregation and other favorable tax treatments.

Real success stories by real clients

Our Clients


Can I just plug tubular LED lights into my old fluorescent fixtures?

Yes, but there’s very little rebate because there are minimal energy savings. The fixture’s ballast consumes energy and the ballast must be bypassed with a retrofit which saves the cost of a new fixture. Only then will you receive the best rebates to offset the LED conversion costs.

How much does an energy audit from Znergy cost?

It’s ZERO charge to perform the audit and provide a quote!

Can my outdoor parking lot lights be replaced with LED?

Yes. Outdoor lights like metal halide and sodium consume the most energy and usually run for many hours or even all night.

What’s the warranty on the LED lights?

Unlike many common LED lights on the market, Znergy only installs lights with a manufacturers’ warranty of 50,000 hours. Under normal use, they should last 10-years or more.

Why would my utility company offer rebates to help me lower my monthly light bill?  Isn’t it in their best interest for me to spend more?

Demand for electricity is soaring. Utility companies don’t want to build new expensive power plants. It’s cheaper and easier for them to incentivize businesses like yours to convert to LED and curb power demand. It’s a true win-win for everybody including the environment.

When I buy something offering a rebate I usually never file for that rebate. Can Znergy file the rebate for me?

Yes, Znergy files for the rebate and waits to be paid. You get credited for the rebate now. Znergy applies the rebate to your quote thus lowering your up-front costs before we even begin the conversion. For example, if the utility rebate equals 40%, Znergy lowers your quote by 40% now and waits to be paid.

My business runs 18-hours a day. Can Znergy perform the conversion is stages to avoid interruption?


Is Znergy a public company?

Yes, stock symbol ZNRG

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