LED lighting 101 by Znergy

LED Lighting 101 was created to help simplify the basic information needed to make informed decisions about purchasing LED lights and fixtures.


A purchaser must be able to compare the quality of an LED product to the pricing of that product. Higher quality LED lights and fixtures come with a 10-year warranty, produce the greatest number of lumens per watt and will be DLC approved to qualify for utility rebates. When your budget can’t support the highest quality, there are economical options with lower warranties and specifications available. But remember the higher the quality the longer the utility and maintenance savings will continue.


More light with less power consumption. Choose an LED lighting product that produces the greatest amount of light measured in lumens while consuming the least energy. The more Lumens per Watt, the better the LED. For example, an LED light producing 120 Lumens per Watt is superior to one that only produces 80 Lumens per Watt.

LED lighting that produces a lot of light but consumes little power saves more money each month allowing your companies investment to pay for itself sooner by lowering the Return on Investment or ROI.


Most utility companies offer rebates to convert to LED lighting but have very different rebate policies. Maximizing the rebate strategy will lower the cost of your company’s up-front investment. This allows the investment to pay for itself sooner by lowering the Return on Investment or ROI.

The LED lighting company your business chooses to convert your old lighting to new LED lighting must be knowledgeable regarding utility rebates. Some utility companies offer better rebates for new fixtures while others offer better rebates for retrofitting existing fixtures. Others offer better rebates for high energy consuming exterior lighting. Many utility companies only care about the reduction of kWh and not the LED fixture or bulb type. If your company consumes a high amount of energy each month utility companies may allow Custom Rebates.

Reduce Energy Costs

When we replace any light bulb or tube with high-quality low wattage LED, we reduce the electricity consumption which saves money. For example, we typically replace a 400-watt High-Pressure Sodium light with a 150-watt LED lamp which saves 250-watts and produces brighter better light. Now, multiply those savings by all of the bulbs and tubes that are replaced with LED in the facility. These savings from wattage reduction are independent of AC units or other equipment in the building. In other words that 250-watt savings is still 250-watts saved regardless of whether 1 or 100 air-conditioning units are running. The maintenance savings on bulb and ballast changing also factor into the overall savings.

Turnkey Solution

Our turnkey program designs and installs, as well as manages and warranties a complete LED lighting upgrade, which generates utility savings and rebates. We also provide a Zero-Cost Shared Savings program which is quickly becoming the standard for commercial lighting.

Return on Investment – ROI

Many businesses regard an ROI of 2-years or less to be a “no-brainer” decision. An experienced LED lighting company like Znergy will create the best lighting solution to maximize Energy, Maintenance, and HVAC Savings while qualifying for the largest Rebates and Tax Incentives available.

Advantages of Znergy LED


Customers typically realize 50-80% lower utility bills plus reduced maintenance costs.

Utility Rebates

Znergy will file and process for all available rebates. Utility companies offer rebates to avoid expensive upgrades to their power grid.

Flexible Financing

Options to fit any budget including Zero-Cost Shared Savings Upgrades. See details on https://znergyworld.com/shared-savings/

Free Energy Audit

Our comprehensive, no obligation, FREE on-site audit will record every room or area, annual usage (burn hours), every fixture, every bulb by wattage. It will show current annual cost and projected annual savings with our LED solutions. Our detailed proposal will include your payback time, Return On Investment (ROI), rebates, and available financing. Everything goes directly to your bottom line. No charge, no obligation.

Reduced Maintenance

Eliminate maintenance for 10-years or 100,000 hours. All lamps and fixtures are warranted. *See warranty detail on https://znergyworld.com/warranty/


Znergy personnel complies with your safety policies during installation.

Universal Waste

Znergy removes all universal waste & toxins. We recycle and dispose of waste in accordance with all federal and local laws.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lower power consumption lowers your carbon footprint. The Znergy audit reveals exactly how much reduction will occur after our LED conversion.

Flexible Installation

Our installers will work around your schedule 24/7 to minimize interruption to your business.

Workplace Enhancement

Brighter, more natural lighting and lower room temperature increase employee morale, productivity and safety.


Your new lighting will meet or exceed OSHA Lumen standards. Our installers are trained and certified compliant.100% Turnkey Znergy handles it all – installation, disposal, rebates, and compliance.

Decision Tree

The following decision tree was created to help guide a purchaser through the decision process.

  • Brightness
  • Watts
    Energy Consumption
  • Lumens Per Watt
    The Amount of Light Produced per Watt of Energy Consumed
  • Warranty
    Manufacturer’s Confidence in Quality
  • Kelvin
    Light Color or Temperature
  • CRI
    Color Rendering Index
  • Utility Rebates
    Cash to Your Business
  • Retrofit
    Converting Existing Fixtures to LED Rather Than Replacing
  • New Fixtures
    Completely Replacing Existing Fixtures
  • ROI
    How Soon Does the LED Upgrade Pay for Itself
  • Controls
    Motion Sensors, Photocell, Daylight Harvesting, Remote Control, etc.
  • Turnkey
     Solutions Provider Chooses Your LED Lighting and Installs Lighting
  • Purchase Only
    Your Company both purchases the LED Lighting and installs the lighting