It’s ZERO charge to perform the audit!

Yes, a ballast compatible LED bulb can be plugged into your existing fixture, but there’s no rebate or a minimal rebate from the utility company because the fixture’s ballast consumes most of the energy and therefore there are not enough energy savings.

Only UL and DLC approved lighting qualifies for utility rebates. The longer the warranty the more confidence the manufacturer has in their product quality.

Demand for electricity is soaring. Utility companies don’t want to build new expensive power plants.

Yes, Znergy files for the rebate and waits to be paid. You get credited for the rebate now thus lowering your up-front costs before we even begin the conversion.

Znergy verifies the rebates with the utility company. Znergy credits the customer up front for the rebates and then files for them to collect. The utility company sends emails on all rebate payments, so the customer sees the entire process.

Every UL DLC approved light has a certified wattage consumption printed on the product. When Znergy, for example, replaces a 1000-watt light with a new 300-watt LED light, the customer saves 700 watts of power consumption per hour. Znergy calculates the KW savings for all of the lighting replaced multiplied by the price the customer pays per hour to arrive at the mathematical savings.

Customers typically realize 50-80% lower utility light bills.

Yes. Outdoor lights consume the most energy and usually run for many hours or even all night.

Unlike many common LED lights Znergy only installs lights with a manufacturers’ warranty of 100,000 hours or 10-years on most lighting.

Many businesses regard an ROI of 2-years or less to be a “no-brainer” decision. An experienced LED lighting company like Znergy will create the best lighting solution to maximize Energy and Maintenance Savings while qualifying for the largest Rebates and Tax Incentives available. However, with Zero-Cost Shared Savings your business goes cash flow positive month one.

Yes. Your new LED lighting will meet or exceed OSHA’s lumen standards.

We can economically retrofit your existing fixtures by bypassing your fluorescent and metal halide ballasts. However, some utility companies offer better rebates for new fixtures so check with your Znergy representative.

ZERO-COST upgrade to LED lighting for your business. We fund, install and manage the complete upgrade for your business at no out of pock expense to you! The Funding Source splits your guaranteed energy savings with you each month allowing your business to be cash flow positive month one. You have zero risk!

Advantages of Znergy LED


Customers typically realize 50-70% lower utility bills plus reduced maintenance costs.

Utility Rebates

Znergy will file and process all available rebates. You save now. Utility companies offer rebates to avoid expensive upgrades to their power grid.

Flexible Financing

Options to fit any budget.

Free Energy Audit

Our comprehensive, no obligation, FREE on-site audit will record every room or area, annual usage (burn hours), every fixture, every bulb by wattage. It will show current annual cost and projected annual savings with our LED solutions. Our detailed proposal will include your payback time, Return On Investment (ROI), rebates, and available financing. Everything goes directly to your bottom line. No charge, no obligation.

Reduced Maintenance

Eliminate maintenance for 10 years or 100,000 hours. All lamps and fixtures are warranted. *See warranty detail on website.


Znergy personnel complies with your safety policies. Return on Investment (ROI)Increase your bottom line day one.

Universal Waste

Znergy removes all universal waste & toxins. We recycle and dispose of waste in accordance with all federal and local laws.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lower power consumption lowers your carbon footprint. The Znergy audit reveals exactly how much reduction will occur after our LED conversion.

Flexible Installation

Our installers will work around your schedule 24/7 to minimize interruption to your business.

Workplace Enhancement

Brighter, more natural lighting and lower room temperature increase employee morale, productivity and safety.


Your new lighting will meet or exceed OSHA Lumen standards. Our installers are trained and certified compliant.100% TurnkeyZnergy handles it all – installation, disposal, rebates, and compliance.