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Zero-Down Lighting Upgrades for Your Business

We fund, design, install and manage a complete LED lighting upgrade, which generates utility rebates and savings that we pass onto you. The upgrade is funded out of a portion of the monthly energy savings but you are cash flow positive from month one. And you keep 100% of the maintenance savings. If a new lamp or fixture ever fails, the service call is 100% covered with no out of pocket for the full term of the program.

Znergy’s capabilities include both supplying new LED lighting products or providing a complete turnkey conversion of your business’s existing lighting system to LED. Regardless of whether you choose the Shared Savings program or a straight cash purchase, Znergy provides options to fit your business needs.

How you save with Znergy

  1. 1. Zero Down – No Capital Investment
  2. 2. We Fund, Design, Install and Manage a complete LED lighting upgrade
  3. 3. Cash Flow Positive Month One
  4. 4. No Borrowing, hence Off Your Balance Sheet
  5. 5. Guaranteed Monthly Utility Bill Savings
  6. 6. The Funding Source Splits the Guaranteed Monthly Savings with You
  7. 7. You keep 100% of the maintenance savings
  8. 8. Customer Receives all of the Utility Rebates
  9. 9. We Service the Equipment for the Full Term of the Agreement
  10. 10. End-of-Term your Company Owns the Lighting
  11. 11. Ability to add Future Efficiency Projects