Up-Front Rebates

How to begin converting to LED and claiming your rebates?

Waiting Costs You Money Each Month – 50 – 70% Utility Bill Savings

When you have us convert your existing lighting systems to our energy-efficient solution, your total energy costs may be reduced by up to 70% per month.

Lower Maintenance, Less Changing

By implementing our high-efficiency lighting solutions, you won’t need to change your bulbs for another 10-years (or 50,000 hours), factory guaranteed. By using the bulbs up to 8 hours a day, they can last more than 17 years!

Free Bulb Count & Quote

We know that decisions can be hard. So, we’ve made it easy by providing free bulb counts and a no-obligation quote to show you just how efficient (and cost-saving) our solutions really are.

What CEOs Are Saying


“We think of lights right now as old eight-tracks, Watkins said in an interview with Wired.com.”

– Bill Watkins, former CEO Segate


“We think we’re on the cutting edge of this technology and among the first Fortune 500 companies to commit to LED lighting in its lots.”

– John Chambers, Assistant VP of Facility Services and Sustainability


“Ford has a deep commitment to the environment. By investing in the facilities where we work, and using such technologies as LED lighting, we are helping to promote a sustainable future.”

– Donna Inch, Chairmen & CEO of Ford Land


“It’s a win-win. We will save more than $25,000 every year in energy costs, and the project helped us reduce our environmental footprint.”

– Jeff Martens, Manager Facilities Operations SSC

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

“After the long days I had spent in my previous office with the old fluorescents, my eyes would be tired by the end of the day regardless of what I did. I wanted better quality lighting that would no longer strain my eyes when I moved into my new office, and these LED fixtures did the trick. When you stand outside the offices and compare the light, there is a night and day difference. The room now looks sun-lit, warm, and inviting.”

– Warren Geller, President & CEO


“LED lighting is a win-win for Honda. It reduces both our environmental impact and our operating cost. LED lighting is not only energy efficient, reducing electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions, but it also eliminates mercury in our plants and offices. And, they are one hundred percent recyclable.”

– Karen Heyob, Honda North American Facilities Manager